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It would be impossible to run the business as I am, without Propeller One. The areas managed by Propeller One would be 30-40% less efficient.

- J. Billinghurst, Vancouver Island Air

Designed alongside aviation professionals,
CARs trainers, and regulatory advisors.


Inutitive interface and workflows allow you to get started within a day.


No hidden fees, training fees or setup fees. Our mission is to help airlines thrive.

No stress audits

Clear audit-trails and easy data exports dramatically reduce the stress and complications associated with audits.

Accessible anywhere

Mobile updates on the go or offline mid-air, Propeller one is accessible anywhere.

Always be in the know

Informed Maintenance

Be in the know with proactive alerts for maintenance events, upcoming tasks, recurring defects, forecasting and more.

  • Maintenance tracking & forecasting
  • Maintenance control
  • AMO logistics
Propeller One dashboard
Propeller One pilot

Focus on things that matter

Streamlined Operations

Simplify multi-base and remote logistics for better communication.

  • Technical dispatch system
  • Integrated journey log
  • Detailed reporting

Coming soon!

Component Inventory

Directly control inventory costs through real-time, detailed component tracking.

  • Manage inventory for parts and materials
  • Automatically generate purchase orders
  • Track movement of parts to different aircraft
Propeller One pilot

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